Keeping Texas residents and visitors safe from injury and violence so that they can live to their full potential is an important priority. This Injury-Free Texas website has the best-available information related to preventing injuries and violence in Texas, as well as access to experts who can provide additional information.

Injury Free Texas acknowledges the support and help of Dallas–Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) and Foundation, one of the nationally prominent regional data-sharing collaboratives. The DFWHC Foundation securely houses the combined data warehouse created in 1999 by North Texas hospital systems. This contains information for over 9.8 million regional patients and their more than 40 million hospital encounters. This warehouse collects claims data from 85 hospitals in the North Texas region. With the regional enterprise master patient index (REMPI), the Foundation assigns a unique ID to all patients, allowing the researchers to track any patient over time by hospital and by payer. We use this database to collect relevant information of patients/victims/perpetrators and family members for various death review projects.